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Why Choose Green Solutions UAE for Special Waste disposal in Dubai?
May 31, 2021

Why Choose Green Solutions UAE for Special Waste disposal in Dubai?

When it comes to Special waste, it’s tempting to think the term doesn’t apply to your business. However, the Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act states everything from bleach to ammonia based cleaners, transmission fluids, acetones, paints, varnishes and septic tank cleaners are subject to Special waste disposal legislations.

It means most people in Dubai require Special waste management services. That include Shampoos. Liquid soaps, mouth wash, skin moisturizer, face creams, tooth pastes, hair gels etc. Call Green Solutions UAE today to find out how our expert team can help you dispose of your Special waste safely.

Why Do You Need Household Special Waste Disposal?

Household Special Waste have Hazardous chemicals and other potentially toxic materials are a by-product of daily work routines for many businesses. These materials must need to be contained, removed and disposed of promptly to ensure the continued safety of family member.

Most people do not have the knowledge or equipment to do this safely. That’s where Green Solutions UAE comes in. We provide an integrated collection, treatment and disposal service for everything from oily waste to caustic sludges, acids and even cyanides.

We are fully compliant with UAE regulations on chemical waste disposal. Our disposal services meet all requirements for the management of hazardous materials and are licensed by the Dubai Municipality. We are happy to provide evidence of this on request.

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