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Battery Recycling Dubai
Battery Recycling Dubai Battery recycling in Dubai is widely available through local council collections, micro recycling sites, supermarket drop off points, and local reuse and recycling centre facilities available in every borough. Private waste management companies in Dubai also handle batteries usually as a by-product of general domestic waste clearances, and in bulk on behalf...
Perfume Recycling Dubai
Perfume Recycling Dubai Perfume bottles contain ingredients that should not go into the trash or recycle bins. In addition, glass bottles that are free of all perfume may not be recyclable due to the type of glass they are made from. An easy way to determine whether a package or bottle can be recycled is...
Electronic Waste Recycling Dubai

Our team of trained professionals, pick up electrical waste from your requested pick up location. It is then carefully segregated into reusable or beyond reuse categories. All reusable items are delivered to third party vendors for further processing. The non reusable items are disposed as per the municipality guidelines

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