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Electronic Waste Recycling Dubai

Our team of trained professionals, pick up electrical waste from your requested pick up location. It is then carefully segregated into reusable or beyond reuse categories. All reusable items are delivered to third party vendors for further processing. The non reusable items are disposed as per the municipality guidelines

Special Waste Recycling Dubai

Waste from any business that requires additional or specific handling is considered special waste. Our trained professional inspect and segregate special waste from every batch received. Furthermore, they ensure no hazardous materials are present. Waste items containing hazardous materials e.g. used oil, chemicals, are not accepted and are returned back.

Green Certificate

We issue a Green Certificate approved by the Dubai Municipality to our customers once the processing of their shipment is complete. This certificate contains complete information about the items processed and the generated results. We also provide evidence of the procedure via photographic and video based evidence.

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