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Special Waste

Special Waste

Waste from any business that requires additional or specific handling is considered special waste. Our trained professional inspect and segregate special waste from every batch received. Furthermore, they ensure no hazardous materials are present. Waste items containing hazardous materials e.g. used oil, chemicals, are not accepted and are returned back.

We believe in protecting your brands from counterfeits and the gray market. It is critical for manufacturers, distributors, or logistics service providers with trusted brands to have safe, secure and comprehensive destruction and disposal of returned, recalled, excess, end-of-life, defective, obsolete products, as well as counterfeit goods.


These products could end up on the “grey” market that can inflict serious damage on your brand's reputation or be illegally dumped in landfills, creating a potential environmental hazard.


Our mission is to eradicate both these problems by the professional handling of special wastes in our modern state of the art facility. Hence protecting your brand and helping us all collectively creating a sustainable future.

Examples of common special wastes include shampoos. liquid soaps, mouth wash, skin moisturizer, face creams, tooth pastes, hair gels etc.